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Connect Magento interface to Tillhub ERP system

Interface for Magento from 199 EUR

The connection of Magento via an interface with Tillhub ERP system is no longer a technical challenge with apiboxx®. For the data exchange the following interface formats should be available as a rule:

  • CSV
  • XML
  • SOAP
  • REST

Procedure interface structure

We plan and consider the construction of the interface between Tillhub ERP system and Magento depending on your individual requirements. The first step is the analysis of the requirements and the creation of a data model for the interface. Based on this data and in consultation with third parties we create the interface logic in apiboxx® and perform extensive testing.

After the rollout of the interface you have access to all parameters of the interface and can usually do the mapping of the fields (datalayer) yourself. We ensure the support of the running solution through our SLA.

Which data is exchanged via the interface?

With apiboxx® the following data can usually be exchanged via the interface between Magento and Tillhub ERP system:

  • Transfer orders
  • Exchange customers incl. invoice and delivery addresses
  • Synchronize article data
  • Synchronize prices
  • Assign categories
  • Set order status
  • more if needed

Advantages of our interface solution

With apiboxx® we create interfaces much faster than it is possible by programming. This makes our solution significantly more efficient and additionally offers the flexibility to make important adjustments at any time via a dashboard.

Available as a cloud and on-premises solution.

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